Evading traffic cameras citations is illegal in WA state

I have seen products which promise you to be “invisible” to traffic cameras.  Products including sprays and license plate covers.   Photoblocker sprays and license plate covers are illegal in WA state, and are a violation of RCW 46.16A.200.  You have been warned, if you use these products, you are in violation of state law, and may be ticketed.

These products are sold on sites such as photoblocker.com, phantomplate.com, stopphotocops.com, stopphototickets.com and others.  You have been warned, license plate covers and photosprays are illegal in WA state.


2 thoughts on “Evading traffic cameras citations is illegal in WA state

  1. I disagree with your assessment. The statute you cite says it is illegal to use holders, frames or other materials that make a license plate illegible, but photo sprays do not do that; the plate is perfectly legible to the naked eye. The high gloss finish may render the plate unreadable when a photo is taken due to the glare that can be created but that is not specifically covered in the statute.

    • Hello Kyle,

      I see what you’re saying, that a finish may not necessarily make the plate unreadable. It would be interesting to see if anyone could successfully appeal such a case, and set a ground for future cases.

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